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Background Information for New Applicants

Direct Personal Management has been in existence since 1985 (originally as Direct Line Personal Management).

All members are all agents for each other and for DPM. We currently engage a part-time Agency Assistant to offer the best possible service to our members, clients and casting directors.

Our membership includes Full members, Associate members and, occasionally, Student members. We expect all members to contribute positively to the running of the co-operative although Associate members are usually actors who do not undertake office days but who are, in our opinion, useful to have on our books. We do not have an absolute upper limit as far as numbers of members is concerned: we are much more concerned with achieving as varied a selection of actors as we can, for submission to casters.

Direct Personal Management actors work in all areas (theatre, television, film, audio, commercials, radio, corporate video, roleplay) but we do not deal with extra work or walk-ons at all.

If accepted as a member, you would help run the agency by working in the office on a number of days per month: this number to be determined at a monthly meeting of the co-op which you would also be expected to attend. At present, duty days are averaging two days per four week month. These can be done separately or consecutively. If you are working in theatre or on any other long-term contract, you would not of course be expected to do office days acting work is always the priority.

Since May 2014 we have been based at Yorkshire Dance in Leeds and our monthly agency meetings are held at the office. If you are unable to attend the meeting because of acting work, you would be expected to send in a choice of office days for the following month. All members are obliged to attend the Annual General Meeting unless engaged on an acting contract.

We have a sliding scale for commission rates as follows:

Up to £250 per week = 5%
£251 to £420 per week = 10%
£421 to £600 per week = 12.5%
£601 and above = 15%
Up to £100 per day = 5%
£101 to £249 per day = 10%
£250 and above = 15%
Any (minimum £250 per day) = 15%
£6 to £20 = no commission
£21 to £100 = 5%
£101 to £200 = 10%
£201 and above = 15%
Up to £149 per day = 5%
£150 to £300 per day = 10%
£301 and above = 15%

No commission is payable for preparation days

For any low pay work please discuss with the agency and a decision will be made on an individual basis.

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