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Information for New Applicants

If you would like to apply to join the agency, please send us a cv, photograph and a letter telling us about yourself and explaining why you want to join the agency.

We are rarely, if ever, interested in letters which begin “Dear Agent” which are clearly a blanket mailing to lots of different agencies.

Because Direct Personal Management is a co-operative, we are much more interested in actors who can demonstrate that they know what a co-operative agency is and would like to be part of one.

Our Head Office is in Leeds and actors in the agency are, with very few exceptions, expected to work in the office if they don’t have acting work – the commitment is currently at about two days a month. Good office skills are therefore helpful but not essential – there are always plenty of jobs to be done in the office and we take people for their acting ability, not their office skills.

Actors are also expected to attend the four-weekly meetings which take place at our Head Office in Leeds, unless they are on tour or have other acting work.

We have a policy of open access to all the information that comes into the office, and the actors welcome this.

When new actors join the agency we promote them to casting directors and ask that they assist in creating their own mailout which goes out to people on our industry contacts lists. We put new members on our website and add them to all our systems. Membership of Spotlight is essential and membership of Equity, preferred.

Most of our actors, though not all, are based in the North but we are always prepared to consider applications from actors who live in other areas of the country provided they are prepared to travel to office days and meetings.

New applicants are discussed at the agency’s four-weekly meetings. If you apply to the agency and we are interested in taking your application further, then the next step would be to see your work. We don’t audition actors, we prefer to see them in a play or, very occasionally, on screen.

If we see your work and like what we see, then the next step is to invite you to interview at one of our meetings. Below you will find some standard questions that you will be asked at the meeting, and also the information that we provide about the agency for those coming to interview.

Under DTI regulations, an agency cannot insist upon collecting commission on work that an actor finds himself without an agent’s involvement. However, this is frequently not a clear-cut situation: many times we have submitted an actor for, say, a theatre tour, and they have got the job and then been asked back several more times for further work without the agency’s involvement, though the agency made the original introduction. Also, the agency is non-profit-making – any profits go to pay office staff, member's expenses and office expenses including postage, stationery, equipment etc.

We therefore have a voluntary agreement with the actors that they will pay commission on all acting work and if you are not prepared to go along with this then please do not apply to us in the first place. Only once in our history has an actor got a West End contract and then decided to leave the agency to avoid paying commission, which we felt was a betrayal of both the office staff and his fellow actors.

We never usually have any problems with commission payments and this is a tribute to the honesty and diligence of our actors. Direct Personal Management is a friendly and professional agency and the strong feeling of teamwork has helped to make it the successful agency that it is today.

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