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Interview Questions for New Applicants

The following questions have been drawn up for presentation to all potential members of Direct Personal Management.

We hope that they will enable us to discover as much relevant information as possible about you, your career to date and your aspirations for the future and help us to reach an informed decision about your application.

Some of these questions may be inappropriate for your particular circumstances in which case we apologise but would nevertheless ask you to please try and adjust your responses to suit the questions.

You will of course be given an opportunity to ask members of the agency any questions which you may have.

We try to keep all interviews to half an hour.

To help us to gain as complete a picture of you as possible please describe your professional career to date including details about any professional acting work that you have done in the recent past.

If you went to drama school or have undertaken any professional training how do you think it has benefited you? If you haven't had any formal training what effect, if any, do you think this may have had on your career to date?

Direct Personal Management is a co-operative agency. Please tell us your understanding of what a co-operative agency is and how it may work and how do you think being a member of a co-op such as DPM will help you as an actor?

How would you like to see your career developing in the future?

Why have you applied to join Direct Personal Management? What skills and personal qualities do you have that you can bring to the agency?

The law ( Department of Trade and Industry) states that agents cannot insist on collecting commission from actors for work that they find for themselves. However, DPM has a goodwill agreement with its members that commission will be paid on ALL acting jobs. This is to ensure the agency remains financially healthy and that each actor's professional interests are protected. How do you feel about the policy adopted by DPM in terms of your own potential membership?

Also under DTI regulations, agents cannot insist on being sole agents. Do you have or do you intend to have another agent representing you?

Finally, would you like to tell us about any aspect of your life and interests that may be useful or relevant for us to know?

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