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Role Play

Background and Experience

Direct Personal Management has over 30 years of experience in roleplay work for training and assessment purposes in many fields including business, education and medicine.


Direct Personal Management has a large pool of trained, experienced actors, many of whom have backgrounds in business and education. We have actors covering a large range of ages and types based throughout the country. They have superb improvisational skills and are used to working both from briefs (where the situation is described in detail but the actual words are improvised) and from scripts (where all the dialogue is scripted).

Business Roleplay

Over the years we have provided roleplayers regularly for a number of corporate clients including Coors Brewers, the Royal Mail, KPMG, Abbey National, Barclays, British Telecom, the occupational psychologists Pearn Kandola, Kent County Council and many others.

Roleplay for Education

From 1997 we provided all the roleplayers for six out of the nine regions of England for the Final Assessment roleplay for the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). We also provided all the roleplayers across the country for the Application Assessment roleplay for NPQH. Our actors are frequently praised for their ability, reliability and conscientious approach.

Roleplay for Medicine

An increasing number of our actors are working in roleplay for the training and assessment of doctors and medical students at teaching hospitals in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Manchester. We provide actors for the Communication Skills course for the Medical Education Unit at the University of Leeds, training and assessing third-year and fifth-year medical students, and also for the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). We also work with nurses and dentists.

DPM also provided actors for script development for NHS Direct.


We have on our books a number of experienced facilitators for roleplay in the fields of business, education and medicine.


We have experienced scriptwriters in the agency and have provided roleplay scripts for several clients. Please ring for more information.

For more details, or to discuss specific requirements, please ring or e-mail: office@directpm.co.uk


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